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      March 2019



Scarborough Acute Services Review published

The conclusions of the first phase of the Scarborough Acute Services Review have been published.


The review is looking at how things could be done differently to get the best possible hospital services for people in the Scarborough area, whilst addressing the challenges facing these services.  This first stage of the process has involved a detailed analysis of the existing services, how they work and how they are used, alongside data that looks at how these services may change and develop in future years as the population’s needs change.


The document, titled 'Scarborough Acute Services Review: The need for change' outlines the four key challenges that acute services currently face, particularly in relation to the changing needs of the population, the ability to recruit specialist staff, meeting national standards and targets, and making the best use of available resources.


Work is now underway to plan the next phase of the review.  This will involve using the information gathered so far to look at a range of possible ways these services might be delivered.  It is expected that, from this work, a shortlist of possible options will be developed.


A feedback form is available on the Humber Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership website for people to give feedback about the issues raised in the document.

New bus service for York Hospital

York Hospital has announced the launch a new park and ride bus service directly to the hospital in partnership with First York, made possible thanks to funding from York Teaching Hospital Charity.


We know that parking at York Hospital can be difficult at peak times, especially for our own staff, many of who struggle to find a parking space on site.  We have listened to this feedback and we offering a partnership solution which will help reduce congestion around York Hospital by providing a viable alternative to parking at the hospital.


The new service starts on Monday 29 April 2019 and will run every 20 minutes, between Rawcliffe Bar Park & Ride and the hospital (Monday to Friday).


Both staff and visitors will be able to take advantage of this frequent and fast service, which has been designed to operate at convenient times around staff shift patterns and peak visiting times.  In addition, a new dedicated bus stop is being created on the grounds of the hospital, meaning it’s only a few short steps from the bus into the main hospital reception.

News from the Chair

One of the more important jobs of the Chair of a Trust like ours is to attempt to keep abreast of the fast moving world of the NHS at large.


To this end, I recently attended a workshop run by our regulators about their Interim Workforce Implementation Plan: emerging priorities and actions. Sounds a bit dry? Actually it was interesting, and I believe brings positive news for all trusts!


The regulator shared their new focus on the NHS Workforce, sharing four key areas for action. First, leadership - NHS Improvement (NHSI) recognise that good leadership always results in good care (this is revealed from all NHSI/CQC Inspections) and that leadership behaviours directly affect the culture of an organisation - for better or worse. Therefore the right leadership behaviours are needed to create the NHS Workforce of the Future.


Secondly, an ambition to ensure that the NHS is The Best Place to Work - with a real focus on the work environment and staff health and wellbeing. Thirdly, a very clear sighted focus on Midwifery and Nursing - with an aim that wherever possible nurses can be ‘home grown’ as well as valuing, recognising and celebrating nurse leadership in an operational setting. Recognising that doing this well is in fact the pinnacle of a nursing career.


And finally, an ambitious focus on 21st century care - including developing the skills mix for patient care, focusing on care out of the acute sector. It includes plans to create a true learning environment in the NHS embracing digital developments, particularly giving people efficient tools for the jobs they need to do, and creating modern career progression and career structures for staff at all levels. These are early days for this developing direction from our regulators, and fortunately much of it fits exactly with our own five year strategy.


As I receive more information I will share it. Regulation is on our minds currently at Board. It is anticipated that the CQC will be undertaking an inspection of our services in the autumn. We are keen to share with them all the things of which we are proud, and to show our Trust, our staff and our patients’ outcomes positively.


This inspection is not just about ticking boxes for us, it’s about gaining recognition for the excellent work that happens each day in the Trust, providing all staff with an opportunity to share what they are proud of and an opportunity to learn as a Trust about how we can improve still further.

Susan Symington

Meet your governor - Selby

Retired farmer Roland Chilvers is currently governor for the Selby area.


Roland is a trustee of a local charity and has been a parish councillor for many years. He is an active fundraiser and in the past has raised funds for British Heart Foundation, Yorkshire Cancer Centre, Macmillan Cancer Support ‘York’, and Ciic Sergeant - helping children with cancer.


For many years Roland supplied historic photographs to the Selby Times and Selby Post, and he currently gives historical talks to local groups and writes local history books.

Having spent time in York Hospital as a patient, Roland feels he has insight which makes him well suited to take on the challenge of being a governor.


You can contact Roland, or any of the other governors, by emailing or by using the Trust’s website for your enquiries.



  Diary dates  

Board of Directors
Wednesday 29 May 2019
Post Graduate Centre
Scarborough Hospital

Read the latest Board papers

Council of Governors
Wednesday 12 June 2019
Rugby Club, Malton

Getting involved

The Trust recognises the importance and value of a representative membership and has continued to focus on opportunities to engage with and retain existing members. Here are a few ways you can get involved as a member.

Membership seminars
These are advertised regularly in the newsletter and through email. These seminars are held throughout the year on topics that members have suggested in the recent annual membership survey.  They are bookable through our website.

Public Council of Governors
These meetings are held throughout the year and give you the chance to see first-hand the workings of the Council of Governors speaking up and representing the views of their constituents.


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 12 June 2019, 1.00pm-2.30pm, at Malton Rugby Club, Old Malton Road, Malton YO17 7EY. There is an opportunity after the meeting to chat to your governors. Everybody is welcome.

Public Board of Directors
These are held every other month and give you the opportunity to observe the Board of Directors on how decisions are made and what the challenges are of managing a NHS Trust.


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 29 May 2019, 2.00pm-5.00pm in the Discussion/Dining Room, Post Graduate Centre, Scarborough Hospital, YO12 6QL.

Open Day
The Trust is arranging an Open Day at York Hospital and Scarborough Hospital which will incorporate the Annual Members Meeting and the Annual General Meeting. This is likely to be take place in September. More information will be available in due course.


Opening of new facilities
The dates and times of the opening of new facilities are published on a regular basis throughout the year. Everybody is welcome to attend and have a tour.

Chief Executive's report to the Council of Governors

Every quarter the chief executive updates the Council of Governors on the lastest news and developments. Click here to read his latest report.

Seminar session


Our Head of Research and Development, Lydia Harris, is giving a research seminar which will be taking place on Monday 15 April 2019 in the Boardroom, 2nd Floor, Trust Headquarters, York Hospital at 10.00am.


Join us to hear more about:
- why it's so important that we do research and what the Department of Health expects from us;


- what the different types of research are and where our hospitals are performing such research right now; 


- the wide variety of hospital research we take part in - what clinical areas we work in and what the volume of our work is;


- and how research works in practice - hear directly from a research nurse.
Interested in getting involved?


Why not sign up here to secure your place. Everybody is welcome.


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